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PR-Tracker: Best Bug Tracking Software for Windows and the Web
Why should you buy PR-Tracker and not some other bug tracking system?

1. There are easily over 50 bug tracking systems designed for Windows or the web. Most of these have come on the market in the past few years and were likely written by people laid off during the dot com boom who were looking for something to do. PR-Tracker has been around since 1994. There can only be so many survivors in a crowded market and PR-Tracker has a huge customer base. The new comers are just fighting for leftovers.

2. PR-Tracker's chief developer has over 20 years experience developing software ranging from life-critical embedded systems to casual desktop applications. He has never worked on a project that failed delivery and knows which practices contribute to a successful software projects and which practices are a waste of time. This practical knowledge was used to determine the bug tracking process rules suggested by PR-Tracker.

3. PR-Tracker developers take turns doing customer support. This way you get quality answers to your questions and they get the benefit of knowing what features you think are truly important to add to subsequent versions of PR-Tracker. If PR-Tracker won't work on your computer they will try and figure out what is wrong with your system and tell you how to fix it.

4. PR-Tracker's main objective is to be simple. Software development and testing is already complicated enough and we want to make your life easier and less stressful. PR-Tracker isn't filled with useless features so that it can also be used for every other type of tracking application under the sun. PR-Tracker is designed for problem tracking only -- and especially for bug tracking.

5. PR-Tracker is inexpensive and you can afford to buy it for everyone who needs it. Comparable bug tracking systems are two to five times more expensive. Anyone licensed to use PR-Tracker is also licensed to use PR-Tracker Web Client.

6. PR-Tracker Web Client is the only bug tracking software that works over the internet without using a browser. This means it won't break when you upgrade your browser and it doesn't have a clunky user interface. PR-Tracker Web Client uses local caching so that operations take split seconds and not minutes and important features aren't left out because transmission bottlenecks would make them useless.

7. ProblemReport.asp enables customers and beta testers to enter bug reports using a browser. They don't need to be licensed and you don't have to pay extra for this feature.

Ten ways PR-Tracker will help you develop better software faster

Bug Tracking Guidelines

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Bug tracking doesn't have to be complicated

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