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How PR-Tracker Collects Customer Bug Reports

Your customers can report bugs into PR-Tracker directly using the ProblemReport.asp webpage which ships with PR-Tracker. We have set this webpage up on our website so you can see how it works. See http://prtracker.com/demo/DemoProblemReport.asp.

The webpage may be modified to match your company website. Some additional minor editing must be done to make the webpage work for you. This involves changing some constant settings at the top of the webpage source code. More extensive modifications can be made to collect bug report or problem data other than what is suggested by BugReport.asp.

More information about using ProblemReport.asp is in PR-Tracker online Help which can be accessed from the PR-Tracker Help | Contents menu.


Web-Based Bug Tracking Doesn't Have To Be Slow

Demonstration Of PR-Tracker Web Client

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