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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


What do I get when I buy PR-Tracker?

When you buy PR-Tracker you will get a Registration Number and License Code which you must enter into the PR-Tracker License Setup dialog. You may then keep using PR-Tracker with the data you entered during your evaluation. A license permits you to use PR-Tracker or PR-Tracker Web Client or both.

Do I have to license people using only ProblemReport.ASP?

No license is required to use ProblemReport.asp or EmailProblemReport.asp

Can I add users to an existing license?

Yes. When you upgrade your license by adding users, we will give you a new License Code to go with your Registration Number. The License Code specifies how many users are licensed. Then you just enter the new License Code into the PR-Tracker License Setup dialog.

How do I order PR-Tracker? How long does it take to get it?

All orders are processed within one business day of receipt. You will receive your license by email and any other way you specify. You can place your order over the phone (425-513-0415), fax it to us (425-609-3814), or send it to us by postal mail. We accept company checks, Visa, Master Card, American Express, purchase orders and bank wires. Orders received with check payment in postal mail are given a 5% discount. We recommend using the PR-Tracker Online Order Form to place your order if you are paying by credit card.

What technical support is available?

You will find answers to your most likely support problems by reading our Technical Support web page or by searching the PR-Tracker Knowledge Base. If you don't find the answers to your questions on our website, you can get additional technical support using the Technical Support Request Form.

In addition, we provide support in the form of bug fix releases which can be downloaded from our website.

How much does technical support cost?

Technical support is free.

What database does PR-Tracker use?

The default database is Access 2000, however, SQL Server is also supported. You don't need Access to use PR-Tracker with the default setting. PR-Tracker installs all the components required to access the database for you. However, if you configure PR-Tracker to use SQL Server, you must have SQL Server installed on the computer acting as the PR-Tracker server.

Can PR-Tracker import my existing database?

Since there are a wide variety of formats companies use to store problem report data, it is difficult to anticipate all possible formats and be able to import them. Consequently, there is no PR-Tracker function that will import your data without some manual intervention. However it is possible and sometimes very easy to import data into PR-Tracker. Instructions for importing data are in online help. You can also contract us to import the data for you.

Is PR-Tracker available in any languages other than English?

Yes. PR-Tracker 4.50 have been translated into German and French. PR-Tracker 5.xx will be translated at a later date. See download450.

What makes PR-Tracker better than other bug tracking systems?

See Best Bug Tracking Software

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