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Feature List
Create multiple projects where each project has its own data entry and workflow configuration.

Restrict access to projects by PR-Tracker username and network login name.

Specify permitted operations for each username on a project by project basis.

Create and save powerful queries using AND, OR and NOT operators and wildcard text search.

Create and save multiple views of problem report lists sorted anyway you want.

Specify a startup query and/or startup view.

Copy one problem or a group of problems from one project to another. Works well for splitting or merging project databases.

Can be configured to store data in Access 2000 or SQL Server. 

Redundant data storage for speed and data corruption recovery using the database repair utility.

Comes with 10 standard reports. Create and integrate your own reports and graphs using Crystal Reports.

Attach files to problem reports. View and edit them by clicking attachment hyperlink.

Link to web pages from the problem description area.

Automatically notify PR-Tracker users by email when problem reports needs their attention.

Collect problem reports from customers over the internet using a customizable active server page.

Use PR-Tracker Web Client to perform any PR-Tracker operation over the internet. PR-Tracker Web Client is a Windows program with a user interface identical to PR-Tracker.

PR-Tracker Web Client local caching provides great performance over the internet even with slow connections. Queries that would take minutes with browser-based bug trackers take seconds with PR-Tracker Web Client.

Output any query-selected group of problem reports to HTML. Works well for posting release notes or creating a customer support knowledge base.

Free technical support.

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