Joint Marketing Agreement with Roxagi Corporation

The company or organization entering into this agreement with PR-Tracker will be referred to below as the Partner.

1.  The Partner may give away a free single user license and registration of PR-Tracker as incentive for customers to buy their products or services.

2.  Roxagi Corporation will provide the Partner with the registration numbers and license codes upon request. Roxagi Corporation will provide registration numbers to the Partner 10 at a time, or whatever is practical.

3.  The registration numbers given out to customers by the Partner must be unique.

4.  The Partner must either link to a download site for PR-Tracker, or distribute PR-Tracker with their product CD.

5.  The Partner will not be expected to provide customer support for PR-Tracker.

Partner Company ___________________________________________________________

Company Representative _______________________   Position: ______________________

Email Address ____________________________________  Phone: __________________

Website linking to PR-Tracker Download _________________________________________

CD Title (if applicable) _______________________________________________________

Company Representative Signature ____________________________  Date ____________

Roxagi Corporation Representative _____________________________ Date ____________