Software Translators Wanted

Roxagi Corporation is seeking software translators to translate PR-Tracker from English to French, German, Japanese and other languages. PR-Tracker is a Windows based software program which tracks problems reports (commonly called bugs). PR-Tracker is used by groups of people in a network environment or over the internet. PR-Tracker is bought by companies, government agencies and educational institutions (see the Customer List). For more information about PR-Tracker see

The translating company will have the right to resell PR-Tracker and recieve up to 50% commission for the sales in target countries (and 40% elsewhere). A typical sale of PR-Tracker might be a 10 user license valued at $1200. The translator/reseller share of this sale would be up to $600, depending on how much discount they pass on to the buyer, if any.

For more information contact Randy Stimpson, President of Roxagi Corporation.
Phone: 425-513-0415 (United States) or 
RandyStimpson @