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PR-Tracker 5.xx Information
5.0 New Features
  • Database format was upgraded from Access 97 to Access 2000
  • Redundant data is be stored in XML format instead of in .PR files
  • Up to 16 custom fields. PR-Tracker 4.50 supports only 4 custom fields.
  • Two new custom fields of types: subchoice and checkbox
  • Previously entered problem description text and history will be protected.
  • Edit | Modify will allow editing of protected text. This is a privileged function.
  • Edit | Append. Works like Edit | Modify except that previously entered data is protected.
  • Enhanced printing features
  • Many user interface improvements

5.10 New Features

  • Support for SQL Server (Access 2000 is the default option)
  • Ability to connect to the database in both file-server and client-server mode.
  • The email notifier can use either MAPI or SMTP. Previously it used only MAPI but Microsoft security updates have broken MAPI.
  • Problem reports can be collected from the active server web page EmailProblemReport.asp which emails the data to the server where PR-Tracker is installed. This means that PR-Tracker doesn't have to be installed on the web server that collects the problem data.
  • Automatic database compression.
  • Improved performance for PR-Tracker Web Client.

5.20 New Features

  • Ability to insert hyperlinks into the problem description field.
  • Several bug fixes, mostly related to error handling.

6.0 (to be determined by customer input)

If you would like to suggest new features for PR-Tracker, please enter them using the PR-Tracker Feature Request form.

Bug tracking doesn't have to be complicated

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