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PR-Tracker Web Client FAQ

What makes PR-Tracker different from other web-based bug tracking systems?

PR-Tracker Web Client isn't browser-based. PR-Tracker Web Client is a Windows application program that allows remote access over the internet to a server with PR-Tracker installed. It has the same rich user interface and features as PR-Tracker, and its use of local caching technology results in performance unmatched by any other web-based bug tracking system.  TRY IT.

Why doesn't PR-Tracker use a browser to implement web-based bug tracking?

As far as we know, all other web-based bug tracking systems are browser-based. There are several reasons why we choose to implement PR-Tracker Web Client as an Windows application program instead of a browser-based application. These reasons are summarized in the following two web pages.

Serious Problems with Browser-based Applications

Web-based Bug Tracking Doesn't Have To Be Slow

Does PR-Tracker Web Client cost extra?

No. When a person is licensed to use PR-Tracker, they also are licensed to use PR-Tracker Web Client. This way you can use PR-Tracker at work over a network and PR-Tracker Web Client in the field or at home.

Will our customers have to install PR-Tracker Web Client to report bugs via the internet?

No, they do not need to install PR-Tracker Web Client to report bugs and they don't need to be licensed to use PR-Tracker. Customers can report bugs using a browser through the customizable web page ProblemReport.asp that comes with PR-Tracker. TRY IT.

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