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What's new in PR-Tracker 6.0

PR-Tracker is an enterprise level bug tracking system that runs under Windows.

New features in version 6.0

  • PR-Tracker 5.xx supports Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP, 2003
    PR-Tracker 6.0 supports Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008

  • A WYSIWYG problem report form designer was added to allow users to completely customize the why fields are laid out on the problem report form.

  • User defined memo fields were added. In PR-Tracker 5.xx there was only one memo field is it was used to describe a problem and track its work history. In PR-Tracker 6.0 additional memo fields can be added to a problem report form. Memo fields have many uses, including holding clean information about a problem that can be used for a knowledge base article or a release note.

  • User defined sectioned number fields were added. Sectioned numbers are numbers that are divided into sections by dots and are commonly used to identify software versions numbers and document section numbers. 3.00.1230 and are examples of sectioned numbers. By using a sectioned number field to hold such information instead of a text field, problem reports can be sorted by sectioned number and queries can be made that rely on proper comparison of sectioned numbers.

  • PR-Tracker 5.xx notifies users when it is their turn to work on a problem report. In addition, PR-Tracker 6.0 also sends a daily reminder of outstanding bug reports to each user.

  • The connection functionality of PR-Tracker 5.xx and PR-Tracker Web Client 5.xx were merged into PR-Tracker 6.0. This allows PR-Tracker 6.0 to perform bug tracking over a network, and intranet, or the internet or a combination of them.

  • PR-Tracker includes and API which can be referenced by any application thus allowing exceptions to be sent directly to PR-Tracker and recorded as bugs. Each unique exception results in a bug report. Occurrences of the same exception are counted enabling you to identify the bugs that are having the most negative impact on users of the software. Stack trace information is included to assist you to pinpoint the code causing the exception. User actions/events are recorded to assist you to determine how to reproduce the bug.
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