Occasionally there is a computer that PR-Tracker will not run on. This usually happens because there is something wrong with the system components that PR-Tracker uses, not with PR-Tracker itself. PR-Tracker ships with a program called CHECK.EXE that is able to detect some of these problems and help you solve them.

CHECK.EXE is located in the NETSETUP directory of the PR-Tracker Database. By running CHECK.EXE on a PR-Tracker client machine one can tell if the proper components for PR-Tracker are installed on a machine. When you run CHECK.EXE you will see a dialog like the one below.

CheckDialog.gif (29759 bytes)

You can press the Copy button to copy the results to the Windows clipboard and then paste the into a text file. You can email the results to and we will inspect them for you. However you can do some of your own inspection. Below are some things to look for:

Mismacthed OLE components

The four files OLEAUT32.DLL, OLEPRO32, ASYCFILT.DLL and STDOLE2.DLL must have matching version numbers. PR-Tracker ships with 2.30 OLE components but newer versions exist. PR-Tracker will work with OLE components with versions 2.30 or higher, but the versions of all OLE components must match.

If you have a mix of 2.30 and 2.40 components you should update your workstation with VBRUN60.EXE which can be downloaded from Microsoft webpage below. If you have some other mix of OLE components, search for a solution.
(fixes mix of 2.30 and 2.40 components)

PR-Tracker will not install its OLE components over OLE components with newer versions. The mismatch in OLE components is usually the result of installing an application without closing all other applications.

A component is not registered

Use REGDROP.EXE or REGSVR32.EXE to register the component. REGDROP.EXE comes with PR-Tracker and is also in the database NETSETUP directory. If registration fails REGDROP.EXE provides a more informative message than REGSRV32 to trouble shoot the problem.

A component's version number is wrong

It is ok if the version number is higher than what PR-Tracker ships with, but if the version number is lower than what ships with PR-Tracker it means setup did not complete successfully. You probably got an error message during setup. Often times the newer version of the component shipped with PR-Tracker does not install because (1) some other program that uses that component was open when when PR-Tracker was installed, or (2) the components file attributes were set to read only.