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Download and Setup Instructions

  1. Download prtrk450zip.exe (10.4M) and store it in a temporary directory. 

  2. Run prtrk450zip.exe to unzip its files to a temporary directory.

  3. Close all running programs.

  4. Run setup.exe (one of the unzipped files) and follow its instructions. If you are planning to setup PR-Tracker for multiple users on a network, see network setup instructions.

If you have problems installing PR-Tracker, call 425-513-0415 and ask for PR-Tracker setup support, or see the Technical Support webpage and Knowledge Base.

Download PR-Tracker Web Client

Download and install prwc450zip.exe (9.3M) in the same way described above. Then follow the instructions for setting up PR-Tracker to work over the internet.

Note: In order to use PR-Tracker Web Client over the internet or intranet, it must connect to a server with PR-Tracker installed. If you would like to evaluate PR-Tracker Web Client without setting up your server first, you can connect to our server by following the instructions at PR-Tracker Web Client Demo.

French and German Downloads

PR-Tracker (French) prtrkfr.zip
PR-Tracker Web Client (French) prwcfr.zip

PR-Tracker (German) prtrkger.zip
PR-Tracker Web Client (German) prwcger.zip

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