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What's new in version 5.xx

New features in version 5.0

  • The database format was upgraded from Access 97 to Access 2000
  • Redundant data is stored in XML format instead of in .PR files.
  • Up to 16 custom fields. PR-Tracker 4.50 supports only 4 custom fields.
  • Two new custom fields of types: subchoice and checkbox.
  • Previously entered problem description text and history will be protected.
  • Edit | Modify will allow editing of protected text. This is a privileged function.
  • Edit | Append. Works like Edit | Modify except that previously entered data is protected.
  • Improve problem list and problem report printing.
  • Search within results.
  • Many user interface improvements. See screenshots for some of them.

New features in version  5.10

  • Support for both SQL Server. Access 2000 is still supported as the default database format.
  • Clients can connect to the database in file-server mode or client-server mode. This allows PR-Tracker to use a low-end computer like Windows 95 or higher as the server while providing a high security option for installations using Windows NT server or higher as the PR-Tracker server.
  • Improved performance for PR-Tracker Web Client.
  • Email notification support for both MAPI and SMTP. Previously only MAPI was supported.
  • Acceptance of problem reports by email.

New features in version 5.20

  • Improved error handling
  • Ability of insert hyperlinks into the problem description area

New features in version 5.30

  • Menus were added to the problem report form to improve navigation
  • The size of log files is managed so that only the last 100K of information is kept.
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