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Email Notification Setup With Eudora Pro
Updated April 11, 2005
1. Install Eudora on the machine which will be the PR Tracker email server.
2. In Eudora, set up a the PR Tracker email user (just as you would a normal user).
3. Under Tools->Options->MAPI, set Always.
4. Run PR Tracker.
5. Follow "How to setup Email Notification" directions, except use the user from
step 2 for "Email profile" and nothing for "Email password".
6. Go through PR Tracker settings, entering user email addresses and
setting up notification.
7. Close PR Tracker.
8. Run PR Tracker again.
9. Make a change to a PR that should generate a message, such as a new PR or Investigating an Assigned PR.
10. Wait a few minutes, email is sent.

I have verified that this works even when Eudora is not running. There is an option in Eudora for how often to check your mail. As far as I can tell, after that interval has passed, the MAPI server opens up Eudora by itself and sends the email.

Cara Hart
Systems Administrator
ARITEK Systems, Inc.
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