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"System files are out of date" message during setup

When I run the PR-Tracker setup program I get the following message:

   Setup cannot continue because some system files are out of date on your system.
   Click OK if you would like setup to update these files for you now. You will need to
   restart windows before you can run setup again. Click cancel to exit setup without
   updating system files.

What are the system files that setup is refering to? Will it hurt my computer if I upgrade them?


The system files are the files installed by the bootstrap section of the setup program. The files and their version numbers are listed below.

  AsycFilt.dll 2.40.4277
  StdOle2.tlb 2.40.4277
  OleAut32.dll 2.40.4277
  OlePro32.dll 5.0.4277
  ComCat.dll 4.71

These files are all continuously being updated by Microsoft. If the versions of these files already installed on your computer are older that what PR-Tracker requires you will get the "system files are out of date message" above. The PR-Tracker setup program will only install them if your files are older that what PR-Tracker needs. Installing them will not hurt your computer.

More information about these files is available from the Microsoft DLL Help database.

If you still get this message after updating these files and rebooting you computer see ReoccuringSystemFilesMessage.

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