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PR-Tracker 2.06 Technical Support
Updated May 29, 1997
If you need help, send email to support@prtracker.com with subject "PR-Tracker Help". But before contacting us, please review the following list of problems.

Problems with version 2.04

Problems with version 2.05

PR-Tracker closes down when saving problems as HTML

  • The same happens when saving a problem as text. Also a GPF results if PR-Tracker is restarted. This problem may occur when using Norton Open Desktop V4.x . The Desktop has a feature called File Assist that will intercept calls to the Windows File Open and Save module and launch a more robust dialog box. PR-Tracker does not interface well with this feature. To workaround this problem, disable the Desktop File Assist option.

Run-time error 13 occurs when saving a problem

  • This problem happens on some computers but we have not yet tracked down the cause. If you have this problem try installing PR-Tracker on a different computer. You can also help us by sending us the following information.
    1. What operating system you are using, and its version.
    2. A listing of the files in your Windows system directory.
    3. The language/country specified in the Regional Settings applet of the Control Panel. Please also send the Date and Time formats specified in this applet as well.
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