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PR-Tracker 2.10 Technical Support
Updated September 29, 1998

PR-Tracker v2.10 released March 29, 1998.   This was primarily a bug fix release.

Error opening PR-Tracker key file

This error may occur is you installed the database is a directory whose pathname contains a long filename. Since PR-Tracker is designed to support a non-homogeneous network consisting of Windows 3.1,  95 and NT workstations, it doesn't handle long filenames.

PR-Tracker setup runs when run setup for another program

The PR-Tracker setup.exe copies setup1.ex_ to setup1.exe in the Windows directory as part of the setup process. It then launches setup1.exe. Other setup programs perform a similar setup sequence. If PR-Tracker setup1.exe is launched as part of the setup of another program, this means that the other setup program does not copy over the setup1.exe in the Windows directory.

To fix the problem, delete setup1.exe from the Windows directory.

Setup Error: "Wrong version of operating system; (requires Windows NT 3.51 (build 1057 or above)"

This error occurs during setup on Windows NT only. It is caused by a bug in the NT operating system and is fixed by installing NT4 Service Pack 3.  If you already have NT service pack installed, reinstall it.

General Protection Fault occurs during setup

If this error occurs before any dialogs are displayed, it may be caused by a bad VER.DLL file. If you are using Windows 3.1 or 3.11 rename your VER.DLL and run PR-Tracker setup again. A valid VER.DLL will be installed. If you are using Windows 95 or NT,  copy VER.DLL from a system that can correctly install PR-Tracker.

Program Error, Call to Undefined Dynalink -or-
This Program requires a newer version of Windows -or-
The mouse cursor changes into an hourglass, then changes back into an arrow and program does not start

These errors may occur during setup if you attempt to install PR-Tracker while another application which uses OLE is running, or if you have ever installed software while an OLE application is running. This error commonly occurs during installation when Microsoft Office Manager (that toolbar which contains icons for starting Word and Excel) is running, because since it is so small it often goes unnoticed. The steps for recovering from this problem vary depending on your operating system and the software you have installed. See the Microsoft knowledge base for recovery instructions http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/Q111/0/89.asp

Sometimes templates are not saved when configuring a project

Sometimes project configuration templates are not saved. This bug was fixed in version 2.08.

Run-time error 9: Subscript out of range

This problem occurs if there is a digit as the first character of a priority description. This results in a priority number greater than 6, which make it out of range. This bug was fixed in version 2.08.

Run-time error 13 occurs when saving a problem

This problem happens on some computers but we have not yet tracked down the cause. If you have this problem try installing PR-Tracker on a different computer. You can also help us by sending us the following information.

  1. What operating system you are using, and its version.
  2. A listing of the files in your Windows system directory.
  3. The language/country specified in the Regional Settings applet of the Control Panel. Please also send the Date and Time formats specified in this applet as well.

PR-Tracker closes down when saving problems as HTML

The same happens when saving a problem as text. Also a GPF results if PR-Tracker is restarted. This problem may occur when using Norton Open Desktop V4.x . The Desktop has a feature called File Assist that will intercept calls to the Windows File Open and Save module and launch a more robust dialog box. PR-Tracker does not interface well with this feature. To workaround this problem, disable the Desktop File Assist option.

Problems with version 2.04
Problems with version 2.05
Problems with version 2.06

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