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PR-Tracker 3.0 Technical Support
Updated August 07, 2000
Listed below are the bugs in PR-Tracker 3.0 which have been fixed in 3.10. To update your software, download http://www.prtracker.com/upgrade310.zip and follow the upgrade instructions in the READTHIS.TXT file.
  1. Queries using custom fields don't work. In order to recover fully from the bug you will need to Rebuild the database using the Database Repair Utility.
  2. The User Setup dialog always states that the number of licensed users is zero.
  3. The column header "Number" is set to "Modified" after performing a query.
  4. Several error messages output incomplete information.
  5. Long filenames (9.3 characters) were zipped into prtrk300.zip. This caused installation problems if prtrk300.zip was unzipped with a 16-bit program.
  6. Runtime error 6 occurs at startup if PR-Tracker was previously closed while in the minimized state. You may have to edit the prtracker.ini file by deleting the list_view_dimensions setting to recover from this error.
  7. Some fields in the Configure Current Project dialog were disabled when they were supposed to be enabled.
  8. Database repair utility did not correctly handle custom fields.
  9. The price listed for an Educational Site License in the About dialog was incorrect.
  10. The user list in assigment fields is not updated until PR-Tracker is restarted.
  11. User is not prompted when closing a PR form with the close window
    button (looks like an X). Should be prompted to save or not to save.
  12. Custom field verification against reserved field names is case
    sensitive (and it shouldn't be). Can cause corruption.
  13. Queries added to the query menu by default. They should not be.
  14. It is a hassle to delete multiple queries.
  15. Netsetup file are sometimes removed during uninstall. They shouldn't be.
  16. When setup has an unexpected error (at the very end), uninstall
    happens automatically. User should be given a choice.
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