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PR-Tracker 3.20 Technical Support
Updated August 07, 2000
Listed below are the know bugs in PR-Tracker 3.2 and the work arounds.
  1. Run-time error 3447: Jet VBA file failed to initialize. This error has been fixed with new components. Download prtrk320.zip (uploaded Feb 21, 1999) to get the new components and re-install.
  2. Run-time error 9: Subscript Out Of Range. This error can happen when doing a query which involves sorting by a custom field. However, it only happens if the custom fields are not positioned consecutively on the Problem Report form. This means that you can avoid the problem by repositioning the fields. To reposition the fields, do these steps:

    1) Setup | Configure Current Project
    2) Select the Custom Fields tab
    3) Click the small Adjust button on the dialog to reposition the custom fields.
    4) Click OK to save the new configuration.

    This bug has been fixed in version 4.00.
  3. Run-time Error 3045: This problem can occur as a side of affect of the above query problem resulting in "Run-time error 9: Subscript out of range." This is because the query failing with Run-time Error 9 does not let go of the database. To avoid the problem, do the same work around as above.
  4. File not found during PR-Tracker setup. This error does not reproduce on all workstations and we haven't yet determined the cause. However it occurs near the end of the of the installation process, and if you Cancel the installation without removing the files, the PR-Tracker installation works fine.
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