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PR-Tracker 4.xx Technical Support
Updated August 07, 2000
  1. Multiple user setup over a network

  2. Error 50003: Unexpected Error. This error may occur if there are mismatched OLE components on your workstation. PR-Tracker ships with 2.30 components', however, newer OLE components are available. PR-Tracker will work with OLE components with versions 2.30 or higher, but the versions of all OLE components must match.

    To check to see if you have mismatched components run CHECK.EXE. This utility program comes with PR-Tracker and can be found in the PR-Tracker Database NETSETUP directory. If you have a mix of 2.30 and 2.40 components you should update your workstation with VBRUN60.EXE which can be downloaded from Microsoft web page below.


    PR-Tracker will not install its OLE components over OLE components with newer versions. The mismatch in OLE components is usually the result of installing an application without closing all other applications
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