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What's new in version 4.xx

What's new in version 4.0

  1. Email Notification: PR-Tracker users are notified by email when it is their turn to work on a problem report. This feature requires that at least one computer on your network have a MAPI compliant email system. Exchange and Outlook are both MAPI compliant.
  2. Attachments: Files can be attached to problem reports either by drag and drop from Explorer, or by right clicking the problem details field and selecting Attach Document from the popup menu.

What's new in version 4.20

  1. Multiple problems may be opened in multiple projects
  2. The Database Repair Utility recovers from more errors and is about 20 times faster.
  3. Database access conflict handling code was added to help determine bottlenecks when a large number of users are working on the same project.
  4. Toolbar on the Problem List dialog.
  5. The query interface was modified so that it is more flexible but still easy to use.
  6. Views are customizable so that any field except the problem description may be displayed in the view.
  7. One can sort by any field by clicking on the column header in the problem list. Also three levels of sorting can be configured in a custom view.
  8. Fonts may be configured. This is primarily a benefit for countries with characters not supported by the fonts chosen for earlier versions of PR-Tracker.

What's new in version 4.30

  1. HTML Report Generator are customizable so that one can output problem reports data in HTML format the way one wants them to appear.
  2. HTML Report Generator can be scheduled to run at a particular time in the day.
  3. PR-Tracker Web Client is added to provide essential functionality over the internet or an intranet.

What's new in version 4.40

  1. PR-Tracker Web Client performance was improved by over 100%
  2. PR-Tracker Web Client supports https secure protocol
  3. PR-Tracker Web Client supports all setup and configuration functions in PR-Tracker
  4. PR-Tracker Web Client supports PR-Tracker reports and HTML Generator
  5. Customer bug reports webpage BugReport.asp
  6. Delete problem report feature was added.
  7. Reports written with Crystal Reports can be added into PR-Tracker
  8. Reports feature was upgraded to include more reporting options
  9. Reports can be run in command line mode. This allows them to be scheduled for automatic execution and output to HTML, XLS, TXT or RTF.
  10. PR-Tracker Email Notifier can be run as a service.

What's new in version 4.50

  1. Access to a project can be restricted to a subset of PR-Tracker users.
  2. User privileges can be specified on a project by project basis. Previously privileges for a given user were global across all projects.
  3. Use of PR-Tracker usernames can be optionally restricted according to login names.
  4. Several date/time format related bugs were fixed. These only apply to date/time formats not used by the United States. These fixes are preliminary to plans to localize PR-Tracker.
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