Installing PR-Tracker on a Network

Step 1: Install PR-Tracker on the server

To install PR-Tracker to run on a network, you must first install PR-Tracker on the computer that will be act as the PR-Tracker server. Any Windows 95 or above computer may act as the server, however, you will have better security if you install PR-Tracker on Windows NT, 2000 or above.

There are also two ways to install PR-Tracker on the network. PR-Tracker can be installed to run in file-server mode or in client-server mode. To use PR-Tracker in client-server mode, the computer acting as the PR-Tracker server must be an NT Server with the Option Pack installed, or Windows 2000 Server or above. If you have an NT server but the option pack isn't installed, you can download it from Microsoft's website.

In every case, installing PR-Tracker to run over a network begins by installing PR-Tracker on the server. To install PR-Tracker on the server, run setup.exe. Select Setup Server from the PR-Tracker Setup Options dialog. This will install the PR-Tracker program files and the database files on the server.

Step 2: Configure the PR-Tracker server

Once PR-Tracker is installed on the server, the server must be configured. The way the server is configured varies depending on what version of Windows you are using and whether you are installing PR-Tracker to run file-server mode or client-server mode. Select the option below which represents your situation closest.

Step 3: Setup PR-Tracker users and their privileges

Begin by doing  PR-Tracker menu Setup | Manage Users. This will display the User Setup dialog where you can add and delete PR-Tracker usernames and set their privileges.  It is recommended that a person's username be their first and last name rather than something cryptic like their network login name.  For more detailed instructions see Managing Users.

Step 4: Install PR-Tracker on each client workstation

When PR-Tracker is installed on the server, all the files required to setup PR-Tracker on client computers are copied there. By running setup.exe from the server to setup a client, you ensure that the client will correctly connect the server and share its data. To do this, click the Windows Start and select Run from the popup menu. The Run dialog will be displayed. Given that servername is the computer name for the PR-Tracker server, enter one of the two command lines below into the Run dialog and click OK.

     File-server setup: \\servername\prtrackerdb\netsetup\setup.exe

     Client-server setup: \\servername\prtracker\setup.exe

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