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Client-Server Topology
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The client-server installation topology is the recommended installation topology when all PR-Tracker users belong to the same network domain. In this configuration the PR-Tracker Database folder is not shared, so it is secure. Clients connect to the server by specifying the computer name of the server in the PR-Tracker Connect dialog. Optionally, you may specify the IP address of the server instead of the server name.

To use this option, the PR-Tracker Server Service must be enabled and configured to start automatically. Also, if the Windows Firewall is enabled on the Server, it must allow communication through port 7699. When you start PR-Tracker for the first time and go through the server configuration wizard, PR-Tracker performs these configuration tasks for you. If you are using firewall software on the server other than Windows Firewall, consult your software's documentation and perform the configuration steps necessary to open port 7699.



This configuration works with both Microsoft Access and SQL Server; however, if you plan to use SQL Server some additional configuration steps need to be performed manually.

1. Create a Windows account with the login name "Prtracker".

2. Configure the PR-Tracker Service Service to login with the "Prtracker" account.

3. Configure SQL Server so that the "Prtracker" account has permission to create SQL Server Databases.

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