PR-Tracker 6.0 Help
Connect Dialog

Glossary Item Box

When PR-Tracker starts up the first dialog displayed is the Connect dialog. In this dialog the user chooses how to connect to the PR-Tracker Server. The choice depends on the installation topology. The dialog below shows example input for the various connections options. The connect option you choose depends on your installation topology.


Example connection for Client-Server Installation Topology

In the example above, ServerName stands for the name of the computer that was chosen as the PR-Tracker server. Alternately, the IP address of the computer could be used.


Example connection for Web Client-Server Installation Topology

In the above example and address is shown for a public web server. If the web server that you want to connection is on a company intranet then the connection string might look like http://ServerName/PrtrackerWebService/prtracker.asmx where ServerName is the name of the computer acting as the web server. Alternatively and IP address could be used to specify the server to connect to.


Example connection for File-Server Installation Topology