PR-Tracker 6.0 Help
Initial Configuration

Glossary Item Box

PR-Tracker is a client-server application. This means that PR-Tracker must be configured to run as a server on one computer and configured to run as a client on all other computers. PR-Tracker is configured to run as a client or a server the first time PR-Tracker is started. To complete this configuration, do the following steps:

  1. Make sure you are logged-in on the computer as an administrator.
  2. Start PR-Tracker. If your computer runs Windows Vista or a later version of Windows, you will need to start PR-Tracker using the Run As Administrator option. To run as administrator, find the Prtracker.exe file where it was installed under Program Files, right-click on Prtracker.exe and select Run As Adminstator from the popup menu.
  3. PR-Tracker will start the Configuration Wizard. Follow the wizard's directions to complete the initial configuration.

If you are configuring the Server, familiarize yourself with the various PR-Tracker Installation Topologies first.