PR-Tracker 6.0 Help
How to Setup the Exception Management Service

Glossary Item Box

Exceptions are sent to PR-Tracker through the Exception Management Web Service. To use this service you will have to configure IIS to make this service accessible. The configuration steps are similar to those for setting up the PrtrackerWebService and are listed below.

  1. If you haven't yet configured IIS to run PrtrackerWebService, create a Prtracker6was account and a Prtracker6Pool as described in the instructions for setting up PrtrackerWebService.
  2. From the IIS console tree, right click on the Web site that will be hosting ExceptionManagementService, and choose New | Virtual Directory from the popup menu . The Virtual Directory Creation Wizard dialog will appear.
  3. Enter ExceptionManagementService for the Alias and click Next.
  4. To enter the path, Browse to the location where PR-Tracker 6.0 is installed, select the folder ExceptionManagementService and click OK and then Next.
  5. On the ASP.NET tab set the ASP.NET version to 2.0.50727 or higher.
  6. Allow Read for the virtual directory access permissions.
  7. For the Application pool enter Prtracker6Pool.
  8. Click Next and then Finish to complete the process.