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Web Client-Server Topology
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The Web Client-Server installation topology enables PR-Tracker clients to connect to the PR-Tracker server over the Internet or an intranet. It is the recommended installation topology when PR-Tracker users are working remotely or are in a network domain that is not the that same domain as the PR-Tracker Server. It may also be used when the server's Firewall software blocks network communication. Clients connect to the PR-Tracker Web service by specifying the address of the prtracker.asmx file in the PR-Tracker Connect dialog.



The diagram above shows a Web Client-Server installation topology where the PR-Tracker Server hosts the PR-Tracker Web Service. To use this configuration option, a virtual directory must be created in IIS to host the PR-Tracker Web Service. The PR-Tracker Server configuration wizard can do this for you. By default, PR-Tracker configures the virtual directory so that it can be accessed anonymously. If you want additional security on this virtual directory, you must add it manually.

An alternate Web Client-Server installation topology is depicted below. In this topology the PR-Tracker Web Service runs on a PR-Tracker Client instead of the server. This topology is preferred when you don't want to store the PR-Tracker database on a corporate web server for security or performance reasons. To implement this installation topology, you will need to create a virtual directory to host the PR-Tracker Web Service manually. You will also need to start PR-Tracker on the Web server at least once and connect to the PR-Tracker Server in client-server mode. This step enables the information the PR-Tracker Web Service needs to connect to the PR-Tracker Server Service to be loaded into the Settings.xml file.


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