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Knowledgebase Article 397

I recently upgraded to PR-Tracker 4.50 and setup completed without any problems. However, everyone else connected to the database who tries to upgrade to PR-Tracker 4.50 gets the following error message:

Error 52: Bad file name or number
PR-Tracker 4.40.0216
Main Key:Get_System_Configuration_32 prtracker


This bug has been fixed in version 4.50. However, this bug prevents PR-Tracker from successfully upgrading to 4.50. The problem occurs when a person who has not upgraded PR-Tracker is prompted to upgrade to the new version when starting PR-Tracker. If the person responds with YES to the prompt, the error 52 occurs and as a result PR-Tracker does not close before the setup process begins. Consequently, prtracker.exe is still in use when setup runs and does not get upgraded. On some computers, prtracker.exe gets successfully installed after the computer reboots but not on all computers. prtracker.exe installs successfully after reboot only on computers that have PR-Tracker installed on the same drive that Windows is installed.

To work around the problem, answer NO to the PR-Tracker prompt to upgrade PR-Tracker. Then upgrade PR-Tracker by running setup.exe from the PRTRACKERDB\Netsetup folder.
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