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Upgrading PR-Tracker
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New Bug Tracking Features

See what's new in PR-Tracker 6.0

Upgrade Costs

From 4.xx or earlier to 6.0 is $100 per user

From 5.xx to 6.0 is $50 per user

Upgrading to PR-Tracker  6.0 from 5.xx

Unlike previous upgrades, upgrading to PR-Tracker 6.0 will not convert your existing database in place. After you install PR-Tracker do menu Tools | Import Database to import the 5.xx database. The import tool will only read the 5.xx database while importing it to the location of the 6.0 database.

  1. Download (17M)  and store it in a temporary directory.

  2. Unzip file into the same directory.

  3. Close all running programs.

  4. Run setup.exe and follow the setup instructions.

Part of PR-Tracker setup includes configuring PR-Tracker to act as a client or a server. One installation should act as the server where the database is stored and all other installations will act as clients which connect to the server. The first time you run PR-Tracker you must run it as an Administrator to perform configuration.

Special Instructions for Windows Vista and 2008

In Windows Vista and 2008, even if you are logged into Windows as an administrator, programs don't run with administrative privilege by default. To a run program with administrative privilege you must right-click on the EXE and select the option to Run As Administrator. This is what you must do with prtracker.exe to perform the configuration step the first time you run it.

Connecting PR-Tracker

After configuration, when you start PR-Tracker a connect dialog is displayed. This dialog enables to user to choose from one of three ways to connect to PR-Tracker. The option that you chose depends on the PR-Tracker Installation Topology you implement.

Upgrading to PR-Tracker 6.0 from 4.xx

PR-Tracker 6.0 only support import of PR-Tracker 5.xx databases, so to upgrade from version 4.0 to 6.0 you must first upgrade you 4.xx database to 5.xx format. See

Bug Tracking Doesn't Have To Be Complicated
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