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Upgrading PR-Tracker
Upgrade Costs

From 2.xx to 4.50 is $70 per user
From 3.xx to 4.50 is $60 per user
From 4.xx to 4.50 is free
PR-Tracker Internet License Add On $995

Upgrading to PR-Tracker  4.50

  1. Download prtrk450zip.exe (10.4M)  and store it in a temporary directory.

  2. Unzip file prtrk450zip.exe into the same directory.

  3. Close all running programs. Make sure you close the Microsoft Office Toolbar.

  4. Backup your existing PR-Tracker database (make a copy of the directory tree) and program files so that you may return to an earlier version of PR-Tracker if desired.

  5. Run setup.exe and select the Upgrade installation option. Install PR-Tracker into the same directory as before.

  6. The setup.exe will automatically update the PR-Tracker program and database files. Setup.exe will also copy all setup files to the NETSETUP subdirectory of the PR-Tracker database directory so that others can install the upgrade from the network.

  7. After one person has installed the upgrade, the prtracker.key will be modified such that all users starting the old version of PR-Tracker will be notified to upgrade.

  8. The PR-Tracker setup program does not detect Desktop shortcuts to PRTRACK.EXE and change them to PRTRACKER.EXE.  You will have to delete the old shortcuts manually.

  9. If you plan to user PR-Tracker over the internet, also download PR-Tracker Web Client prwc450zip.exe (9.3M) and and follow the instructions for setting up PR-Tracker to work over the internet.

  10. If you are upgrading from version 4.30 or 4.40 see How To Work Around Upgrade Bug (Error 52).

If you have any problems installing PR-Tracker, please see our Technical Support for information on how to get help.

PR-Tracker 4.50 will run for 400 transactions with a 2.xx or 3.xx license code. When you buy the upgrade you will receive a new license code for version 4.xx which you must enter into the PR-Tracker License Setup dialog.

Differences between PR-Tracker Versions

New features in 3.xx versions

New features in 4.xx versions

Those who should not upgrade from 2.10

Do not upgrade from PR-Tracker 2.10 to PR-Tracker 4.xx if:

  1. There are still Windows for Workgroups workstations on your network using PR-Tracker. Windows for Workgroups cannot run 32-bit programs and all users must run the same version of PR-Tracker.

  2. Or you are using Novell NetWare for your server and you have long filenames turned off.

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